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In Pursuit of the “Perfect” Image: A Journey through 200 Attempts

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

In the vast, vibrant tapestry that makes up "The Mirror of Artificial Intelligence", there are 38 selected images, each telling a story of its own. But what you may not know is the magnitude of the iceberg beneath this visible tip – a whopping total of over 1700 images, each shaped, refined, and then eventually discarded in pursuit of perfection. Today, I'm inviting you on a behind-the-scenes journey, through the complex maze of creativity, to witness the painstaking evolution of one unique image, shaped by over 200 attempts.

The Battle of Ideas and Images

This isn't a tale of just any image. This is about capturing the essence of a complex historical event, the Reformation, interwoven with an intriguing psychological concept, "Ziegarnik effect". It is a psychological principle stating that we remember unfinished tasks better than completed ones. The challenge wasn't just about portraying a historical event accurately; it was about visually translating a cognitive bias that played a pivotal role in that event. The combination of desired artistic style and the weighty historical context made this a peculiar and, at times, perplexing task.

A tip of the iceberg beneath

In this part of our journey, I'll guide you through the multitude of attempts that didn't quite hit the mark, each falling short in capturing the profound intersection of the "Ziegarnik effect" and the Reformation.

Now, my discerning readers, don the hat of a critic and explore the multitude of attempts that didn't quite hit the mark. By exploring these discarded drafts, we can gain insight into the iterative process, recognizing how each misstep helped shape the final image. Do you see what I see? Do you agree?

Each step taken, each misstep made, and each triumph achieved are invaluable pieces of the artistic puzzle. Every image birthed serves as a learning opportunity, honing our approach, sharpening our vision, and continuously refining our craft. As we journey on, let's not just value the final image, but also appreciate the enriching process that navigated us there.

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