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Over the course of my career, I've built a diverse portfolio of work, all of which I've compiled here on this site.

As you scroll down, you may perceive a sense of chaos amongst my works. But fear not, chaos often serves as the cradle of creativity. And without creativity, what does the future look like?

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EU AI Act regulation

With AI Act now in full force, businesses within the EU are navigating through a significant transformation that impacts everything from traditional AI and Machine Learning to Logic-based and Statistical data-models. This regulation isn't just a new set of rules - it signifies a fundamental shift in operations.

To address these challenges, I offer a range of services and consulting tailored to help businesses ensure full compliance with the AI Act regulation. 

For the latest updates and in-depth analysis on AI Act regulations, make sure to check out my blog where I share insights on the latest developments and critical topics. Curious to find out more about tailored solutions for navigating this regulation? Click the button below to access detailed information on my offerings and how I can assist you.


EU AI Act Compliance Course

Step into the world of AI Act compliance with our comprehensive course. Perfect for anyone looking to demystify the complexities of the AI Act, this course provides actionable insights and in-depth knowledge. Click on the button below to find more information.

The Mirror of Artificial Intelligence

At a time when AI technology has reached a level of sophistication that provides solid analytical value, I wrote "The Mirror of Artificial Intelligence". In it, I used advanced generative models of artificial intelligence to elucidate and reflect on complex social phenomena. It offers readers a fresh, nuanced view of socio-cultural patterns through the lens of artificial intelligence and shows how this technology can be a tool for understanding our world.

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Authentic Data Science

"Authentic Data Science" is a culmination of my experience gained over the years as a data scientist in Austrian banking and Swedish academia. Recognizing the need for high-quality educational materials in this rapidly evolving field, I was inspired to leverage my hands-on expertise to guide those embarking on their data science journey. This product encapsulates real-world, practical insights and distilled wisdom, aiming to equip individuals with the skills and understanding necessary to excel in the field of data work and data science. Drawing from my diverse experiences, "Authentic Data Science" aims to provide an authentic, relatable and comprehensible roadmap for learning and navigating the data science landscape.

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An educational platform that I established, drawing inspiration from Khan Academy. Notably, I also contributed to the Slovak localization of "Khan Academy". "Bakademia" features a rich library of over 1.300 concise math videos, meticulously designed to address the elementary and middle school math curriculum. As an advocate for accessible education, I have made sure these videos are available under a "Creative Commons license", which fosters a wider reach and easier adaptation. The reception has been incredible, with over 1.5 million views, and more than 70.000 lessons accessed by eager students. Through "Bakademia", my mission is to make mathematics enjoyable and accessible, facilitating a strong foundation for young learners.



"MeanThat" began as a humble student project during my college years, with the simple aim of aiding my classmates in mastering various subjects. The initiative gained unexpected recognition from Dalarna University, where I was studying, resulting in an offer to serve as an adjunct lecturer even during my undergraduate studies. Today, the YouTube channel boasts 50.000 subscribers, 7 million views, and more than 300.000 hours of viewing, making it a trusted educational resource for students worldwide.

Research Methods for Business Students

The course that I crafted in response to the challenges I noticed my peers encountering while writing their bachelor's and master's theses. The often overwhelming amount of theory required for these significant projects can be daunting for many students. Therefore, I designed this course to bridge this gap, providing practical, accessible guidance on applying complex theories to writing. To date, over 3.900 students have enrolled, finding value in its effective, student-friendly approach.


My journey in numbers

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